Witte Zuidzee Parelkettingen

Zuidzeeparels van Pinctada Maxima Oyster en Ocean Waters van Australië en Indonesië, allemaal natuurlijke kleuren en glans.

White South Sea Pearl Necklaces


ollection of Natural Color White South Sea Pearl Necklaces. Pearls are matched by Experts in order to create beautiful necklaces. Origin of Pearls is Australia.
Pearls are hand-picked in Origin by experts. Clasps are in 18 Karats Yellow / White Gold, Solid.
All pearls are hand-knotted to make a final necklace which is another important and delicate part of a quality finished product.
Each purchase also includes a Certificate of Authenticity and beautiful Gift Box.

White South Sea Pearls

White South Sea Pearls are Produced by Pinctada Maxima Oyster, and they are also known as Australian Pearls.

They are one of the scarcest types of pearls, as they make up just 2% of Worlds Pearl Production.

Virtues of White South Sea Pearls


The pearls of the South Seas stand out for their size, which can reach 19-20 mm (very exceptional cases, with prices of 20000-25000 dollars each pearl). This size, superior to freshwater and Akoya pearls, gives to the necklaces an imposing gem


The luster of white South Sea pearls is luxurious, with a metallic touch. These pearls combine excellently with diamonds.


All our pearls are of natural color, just as they come out of the oyster. They have not been treated.The color of white pearls may vary slightly, although the pink overtone is very appreciated.


As pearls are a natural gem, produced by oysters, most pearls are not round.The shapes of South Sea pearls are infinite, ranging from baroque, drop, round and semi-round, pear..The most appreciated size on the market is, of course, the perfect round.


The surface of the pearl is very relevant to determine the value of the pearl. The vast majority of pearls, when they come out of the oyster, contain small imperfections that are not appreciated if you do not get very close to the pearl. For that reason the most appreciated type of pearl is with flawless surface.